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  • Plate furniture quality problems Pure solid wood furniture is popular with consumers
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    “What is now often see formaldehyde exceeds bid is unqualified,Although cheap many plank furniture,But always feel real wood is more comfortable。”Miss li recently when dining tables of choose and buy,To convince his family to nearly twice as much budget to buy a set of solid wood dining tables and chairs。
  • Furniture enterprises how to e-commerce Marketing channel is crucial
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    The traditional furniture enterprises marketing channel cost is higher and higher,Open a store in first-tier cities need hundreds of thousands of,In the second-line cities open a store also need tens of thousands of dollars,And the ability to retain the clerk,Need high salary and high commission。
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Curran office partition

Huizhou curran office furniture co., LTD is committed to office partition technology research and development,Has been committed to the new technology of office environment decoration、The new material、The development and utilization of new ways and new concept!Is committed to strengthening the domestic aluminum alloy glass partition industry technology level,Make more reasonable office space,More efficiency、More environmentally friendly and more human。On the basis of fully absorbing foreign advanced partition technology,Optimized improvement and comprehensive innovation。The sophisticated partition system developed with the industry。

We have professional、High-quality construction team and thoughtful and efficient management mechanism,By the high quality and high product quality,Perfect after-sales service for the purpose,Is the guarantee of service the vast number of enterprise customers。Team in-situ measurement for you,Creativity is recommended,For you to make real belong to your design style and installation is most suitable for the glass partition,Perfect to build a safe and practical、Sound insulation of environmental protection、Beautiful and fashionable office space。

The company's main wall partition main specifications:Sheet glass、Double glass、Double glass clamp shutter shade and double wall, etc。PossessSound insulationEarthquakeAntistaticNo crackNo deformationThe characteristics of,To give you a comfortable、The ideal environment。

Focus on industry development,In line with“People-oriented,The quality is supreme,Customer satisfaction、Continuous improvement”The quality policy and business philosophy,High quality design and engineering installation team strength,Formed from the research and development、The test、Production、Sales,To perfect the management system of construction service。

Products are outstanding“Security”、“Environmental protection”、 “Contracted”、“Fashion”、“Nobility” Show the modern pursuit of the intermediary environment;In the limited space in the art of being flexible space design!Also can through the mobile partition,Get the meeting for you、Business、The overall effect of the shape showily aka hotel demand,Let you in life、Work experience in the pursuit of art and comprehension, Experience the living environment of elegant brushwork!

Choose the huizhou curran office furniture co., LTD

Huizhou curran office furniture co., LTDIn any case will adhere to the management attitude of honesty and integrity,So we will always win the trust of the vast majority of customers of the nation's persistent。

Focus on professional

Under the system of staff through certain training,We can use professional knowledge and provide targeted solutions to meet the needs of different customers。

Perfect service

Hengyao system services can be used to project and each stage and link,We have the ability to avoid the happening of the problem in advance,Also has the ability to deal with sudden in time。

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